Common Toilet Problems


When it comes to the toilet many different problems can arise. However, you don’t need a plumber for every issue because nowadays some modern toilets offer their own user manual which will allow them to handle any problem on their own without needing help from someone else. In this blog post, I’m going over some common bathroom concerns and how they’re solved easily by following instructions without the help of a plumber.

1. Toilet Leakage 

Generally, the toilet tank holds water that is released when flushed. If your toilet starts to leak, the first thing you have to do is find where the leak is coming from. Once you have found that, you can start the process of repair. 

If a leak occurs in the water supply, check both the water supply valve and the water supply line. After that, tighten the loose components while ensuring not to overtighten. On the other hand, if a leak occurs in the bowl or tank, you have to replace the gasket and bolts. 

2. WhistlingTank on Flushing

Although the noise of water passing via the pipes is normal, the whistle and loud toilets are not normal, and this is a sign of a faulty toilet tank filling valve. Since the valve ages decades, it gets worse and this is the main reason for the whistle sound in the toilets. This is one of the expensive toilet problems. The faulty valve may increase the water usage hence your water bill will also be increased. 

Once you find this issue, immediately replace the tank fill valve with a new one. 

3. Toilet Runs Continuously 

If you notice that your toilet is always running or creating noise even when you’re not utilizing it, it may be because your toilet flapper seat requires some maintenance. Generally, the flapper seat doesn’t make an effective seal and water is leaking from the tank into the bowl. This may lead to phantom flashes and the toilet appears to be on and off for no apparent reason.

To get rid of this problem, you must drain both the bowl and tank, then clean your flapper seat. After that check the material defects, if needed then replace the flapper seat. 

4. Bubbling Toilet Issue 

Even if you do not flush the toilet, air bubbles that arise in the toilet bowl are a sign of a problem. The bubbling toilet may be caused by a clogged toilet or a faulty vent. Sometimes, it may lead to toilet blocking. The drain in the toilet is a P-trap, therefore a blocked toilet is usually stuffed somewhere with a drain in the toilet.

If your toilet is blocked, then unblock it by using a plunger. It is always better to use the large plunger as it will decrease splashing when increasing the suction. 

5. No Water in the Tank 

If your toilet’s tank looks empty, you have to ensure that the water supply valve is completely opened and the water supply line is not leaking. Still, if this problem is not solved, then check if the float arm is working well and if needed adjust it properly.