Inner Wild is dedicated to helping individuals of any age cultivate deeper relationships to self, Earth, community and the numinous (sublime mystery, imaginative wonder), through exposure to and guidance from the natural world.

We serve both individuals and groups with a wide variety of programs, which range anywhere from half-day excursions to month-long adventures. Our core framework is based on principles found in liberatory and community psychology, rites of passage, social and environmental justice work, depth and ecopsychology, human and systems development, narrative activism, deep ecology, contemplative practices, leadership development, mentorship and nature connection.



Healing, deepening and tending relational wisdom.


Registration Now Open: Relational Leadership- Summer 2019

A five-week summer backpacking intensive on the sacred door trail in southwestern, Montana.


Navigating the Threshold

Connecting personal transformation to generative social change. Guidance and mentorship programing for individuals and groups.


An Apprenticeship with Grief

A five-seek intensive exploring grief as a tool for individual and community healing and transformation.



Change the story… Change the world…

A five-week, NYC based program for adults that explores the role that narratives play in shaping conceptions of self, society, and systems. What stories are we ready to let go of, what stories are we ready to step into…