The Universe is not a collection of objects but a communion of subjects.
— Thomas Berry

This simple yet profound statement captures the essence of the transformation—or collective rites of passage—that our species is currently challenged to navigate. We, in the modern world, are faced with the task of moving from a perspective of separateness and competition toward a place of relationship, collaboration, and communion. Recent research in social psychology, such as Prof. Cindy Frantz from Oberlin College, indicate that the best way to cultivate ecologically just behavior is through the tending and deepening healthful relationships to oneself, those around us, our community, and the ecosystem.

Our primary goal at Inner Wild is to create reflective transformational containers for individuals and groups to expand their relational wisdom. Core to our humanity, relational wisdom is the embodied understanding of four interdependent relationships: to ourselves, the Earth, our community, and the numinous. The numinous refers to a sense of awe or imaginative wonder thanks to connecting with something greater than ourselves, like a divine power, spiritual experience, or life’s great mystery.


What are the effects of exploring these four primary relationships in this way? At Inner Wild, we witness how exploring relational wisdom gives access to more joy, deepens insight and creativity, helps us navigate modern life more gracefully, facilitates reflective healing, and offers space to let go and rise again with a more complete picture of who we are and who we want to become. Most importantly, this journey of cultivating a sense of belonging to the human experience holds the key to a thriving future for generations to come. With expanding your perspective relationally comes a deeper sense of responsibility to protect, tend, nurture, and heal our relationship to the larger living systems we are all a part of such as family, community, planet and the cosmos.

As Malidoma Some points out in his book, Ritual: Power, Healing and Community, where these types of experiences are absent “the young ones are restless or violent, there are no real elders, and the grown-ups are bewildered. The future is dim.” Perhaps you too recognize with sadness that we live in a culture and a world that has all but forgotten our human heritage of relationally-based wisdom. Inner Wild is committed to support you in reviving these ancient practices of connection in order to create a world which fosters ever deepening relationships to self, Earth, community, and the numinous.